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Have you wondered how to Rosary?

Is that a new Tik Tok Dance? No! It does remind me of a modern day fidget spinner though!

The past few weeks I've put into practice saying my Rosary. I have not had the light of Mary shine down on me physically, but I have to admit, I am finding it very heartwarming the more and more I practice it. It is to the point where my Hail Mary's are meditative and true reflection is starting shine though. I am not one of those heavy hammering Christians that believes everyone is going to burn for witchcraft if they practice differently that I do. I am a woman that was raised Christian so naturally this is where I stand faithfully with no desire to jump ship. There is no need to judge and discredit. Anything seems to turn into a lie once you ask enough people. I was raised in the midst of Christians claiming THEIR way to heaven was the only way. That anything else was blasphemy. Just asking questions seemed punishable by ostracism. I have hated religion for a long LONG time. I find it a waste of time to argue with ego...ALWAYS. I have dabbled and turned to different practices at different chapters of my life. I have a sincere adoration of our relationship with religion and nature. You find story after story throughout our documented history that proves we have a need to feel it, use it as a type of governing factor. As anyone would with human fallacies, sometimes we use it for ourselves only or to feel as if we are benefitting others more than they can benefit themselves. Giving hope seems rarely a selfless entity. I have yet to regret much with all that I have learned through my personal commitments and experience. My curiosity has always driven me to explore ways of the land as I hope yours does also. However, I have grown to find judgement and condescending advice to be even more distasteful. I tend to review it as if the pharisees have only evolved into useless twitter feeds and social media comments. I would prefer to avoid those energy stealers who never seem to be open to exploration. Now that you have a little of my background, if you must, let the "hatorade" pour and I'll pray that your blessings remain plentiful. REAL sticks and stones are the only thing I care about since working hard to find my balance.

It is fascinating how our brain adapts to everything new. The more we do it the more we understand. The more we do something, especially when we really don't want to, the bigger our eyes are opened to the mysteries of just being. We can rise up easier with all the found hope and positivity. There is almost an ease to our stride in conversations through occurrences. Our eyes are truly more open internally since there is less need of corrections externally. We go above to find that within we are heard, of sound mind, and loved. Use what you must to find what works for you. The world would could be a lot more at peace if we could all find an honest moment of peace.

Thank you for joining! What are your thoughts? What are your experiences with spirituality?

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