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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Big apple with my honey and kiddos! It’s been 11 years since I visited Lady Liberty. I went by myself in 2012 to try to piece together why I felt so lost and destructive to everyone around me. I had an amazing time with strangers that I met because well i didn’t realize it back then but I preferred being a stranger to people than face… me. I preferred hiding behind “fearless”, “invisible”, and “badass.”

If only all of us could be open about these vulnerabilities, how much freedom and simplicity could we all start to enjoy? How many of us put on shows, or highlight reels, amplified by social media? It’s so easy to do… it’s so easy to ignore what we really need to work on. We can hide and pretend for so long, for so many different reasons.

Running to NY didn’t solve my problems, nor can running and pretending help any of us. I found the same strangers when I got back to Akron, just as we all can have same constant cycle. Strangers with different faces can be invigorating and so much fun! A spade is a spade until we let someone in then strangers rarely have real substance because that means we would have to reveal our real substance. Instead of a relationship with vulnerability with engagement… you give each other lackluster fleeting excitement backed with disappointment because nothing lasted or grew… It is just the same party, same drama, same same same. It can even become predictable when you sit back and piece it together.

Fast forward 11 years later where I’m no longer surrounded by strangers, reflecting on my past chapters from then to now, is comforting even though far from perfect.

We can deservingly lose a lot of friends along the way but they can still teach us so much we need to learn when we are willing to look in and stop pretending. What we give to the world is what we receive through and through. 1+1 always equals 2. If we don’t do the work to balance and evolve (aka mature) then we hurt a lot of people along the way. We can unknowingly steal from those around us… draining energy or wasting their time. They get worn out and ghost. Eventually you push them away before they get the chance to ghost out block you. Find new stranger repeat cycle… repeat repeat repeat.

The darkness of our closet is where the scary hard work is yet on the other side of that darkness we can enjoy the ultimate and very simple freedoms that come to light. We can gain more capability to enjoy others for who they are which makes for real relationships that have balanced give and take dynamics.

We have severe blind spots when hiding truths from ourself… Having the freedom for conversations is the antidote. ASKING QUESTIONS ARE KEY !!! These conversations need honest open input with loving support through the process. The yummiest and most frightening recipe for Liberty and Justice for all!

“Lean in to our fears! Explore don’t ignore! It was a great idea to try until it wasn’t, so who cares?”

AKA why I am now a coach… you need support, you need truth, you need to explore your dark places in a safe environment. We all know this so why do we try to ignore? Once authentically pursued… you will find ultimate purpose!

So thankful for my friends and family (past present and future) that give me proverbial truth smacks in the face when I need it most. Lovesssss youssssssss!!!

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