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Emotions: To Feel or Not To Feel

Something fun to know about my family led life... Every night we put our children to bed we go through reflection of each moment of the day that qualifies as an emotion. My husband joined me in on this idea that both of our needed growth when we started dating was emotion management. Our parents are great people but didn't get taught how to properly tune into their emotions. Did or has any parent?? haha

These next few weeks we are going to explore all major emotions. We're digging into fear, anger, happiness, and sadness. I am super pumped to show you so much I have learned. We had a few intermission last week with my family taking a fund trip to NYC. Getting a chance to step back and enjoy my family amplified where I was feeling our "Little Did I Know..." series. We talked about the feeling of desperate and how it jeopardizes our freedom. This exploration of emotions is going to help piece together how the upper extreme of any emotion can make you very vulnerable to losing your freedom. This is going to be a jam packed few weeks with so many great points in conversation. There is so much vulnerability in exploring your emotions. Join us in our exploration and enjoy the ride! Cheers!

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