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Fear: Ghostface Can Be Cool Again Until...

I am really pumped to explore our emotions these next few weeks. Every emotion can either break us or bolster us in our desires for the future. It is always how we apply the story that created the emotion. Most importantly are we listening and investigating that emotion or are we ignoring it? If you have read any of my other blogs you know it is always strongly encouraged to explore rather than ignore! First we will explore fear, then anger, then sadness, then Joy. If your feeling a parody to the Inside Out movie by Disney...well yes that is a household favorite here. I was ecstatic to watch the story unfold and give much needed attention to every emotional barrier that we easily put up through childhood. I also always root for a moment when my children can be influenced by another source because if you don't know already with your household let me be the first to inform you, "You can't be a prophet in your own land." History has proven that a few times. HA!

Let's just open up the floodgates of fear. What is it about fear that can be so fascinating to us? We produce scary movies, roller coasters, and haunted houses. All to captivate the feeling of fear. Of course that is all make believe so how about the real stuff that scares the shiznit out of us? Oh.... we can't talk about that. Wouldn't dare admit that we are on a cowardly lion level... right?

What do you lose if you push past the fear to see what the result would be of your commitment. So after time passes with the choice to avoid or ignore thing that you JUST DON'T WANT to do... but really want that result that is on the other side. Now as a child I was obsessed with scary movies. Ghostface was super cool, Freddy was so freaking creative, and well Jason was a joke. Now days... I can't even finish Babadook once the mother yelled at her child. What is it about adulthood that makes fear so difficult to overcome. It could be because we usually disguise our fears with procrastination and excuses. Many around would call us lazy when if they only heard the overwhelming voices in our head. If they only understood the story that it came from. If they only seen us running from our problems just like all those chicks in the scary movies. It turns out when you're a child, you have nothing to lose. When your an adult you start accumulating relationships, wealth, and hopefully longevity. Then it feels like you have everything to lose.... because everything you have is well EVERYTHING to you. See where I am going?

Let's have some fun and apply a little bible reference that is applicable in so many different fashions. "Faith as big as a mustard see." But let's think of these emotions how they start as small as a mustard seed and what they grow to become. I love the movie Home Alone's main character with his fears. It was phenomenal to me how they showed him mature and face his fears. He leaned in after he ran away a few times. The big HUGE monster in the basement became that of a heater. The old scary man became a human with lonely struggles. With all of the other fears he was facing, he was more able to decipher what was an actual threat to his well being. So remember your emotions start as that of a mustard seed when you identify and explore them the are a helpful little seed. Lean in and dig in even if it is something small. Fear doesn't have to be to feared... fear can be the motivation to the story we see or don't see. It can either be a crutch to avoid or a stick to beat down a water bandit and call the cops. It is our choice to what our fears become. It is our personal power. When you choose to pursue... you discover. When you ignore the fear will fester.

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