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Happiness: 80% Bullshit

Yup I said it... 80% bullshit. 80% of the happiness you see is bullshit. It's a highlight reel... it's saving face. It's a load of crap. Let's break down every reason I think the best coaches hate for you to be happy. HA! My ideal client doesn't define happiness by feeling good. They desire accomplishment with grunt and grime than the deception that you will experience fulfillment by waiting for someone to fill you. Happiness never comes from others outside of yourself. If you have to pull from your own alignment then you couldn't possibly be bringing yourself more balance and happiness. There are two ways we sabotage our spirit. We ignore the necessary emotions to process the external happenings or we play so much into the external that we are controlled by that which is not ourselves. I don't believe for a second that experiencing sadness... TRULY experiencing is an end all. Truly experiencing any emotion authentically calls for processing. Melancholy paints a face of happiness easily if you stay just enough away that no one really gets to know you. Unfortunately being alone and isolated is the perfect breeding ground for feeling beside ones self. It is a nasty cycle that keeps perpetuating itself long the circles of ignorance. Ignorance is easily portrayed as bliss but until we admit the realities it is hardly blissful. Being 100% yourself no matter which spectrum of emotion your body is calling for processing is the only version of happiness that I will accept as worthy. It always stems from that mentioned process. You usually have to fight a little, lean into the fear a little, and probably cry a little whether from your eyes or sweating your tears through your pores. Just get out there and cut the bullshit. If you need some extra sharp scissors look within yourself and break the chains of what society says will make you happy. Only you can make you happy. Your purpose...your decisions... your passions. This worth doesn't require changing yourself... it requires knowing yourself with every new chapter of exploration that your journey offers you.

Most people don't experience happiness... they experience relief from the internal work because that internal work is super scary. 80% of happiness is faked until they make it to the next excuse to fake it some more. It's easy for all of these gimmicks to offer some momentary fix because they don't have to engage enough to be there to pick up the pieces. You will be disappointed if you expect strangers to do for you what you can't do for yourself and you are a stranger for expecting them to do for you what you won't do for yourself. Ouch... It's okay... you don't know until you know and now you feel a hinge that deserves to be explored within you.

If you came to feel good because you deserve to feel good... you came to the wrong coach! ;)​

I apologize for being a few days late. There is a lot going on in the background of my own needed happiness work. It is very good growth and needed resourcing. Stay Tuned! :)

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