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Welcome All Pursuers!

 Mental health is a current, ever growing, well established crisis that can leave you with a desperate void.

From our experience, the best antidote to this type of chaos is a healthy community.

Providing a healthy community space takes strong leadership, clear communication,

with a shared, open sense of accountability and responsibility.

All  that are founded in faith, truth, and open growth mindset are welcomed to grow with us.

We will always build and expand to provide a safe haven for self realization, love, and empowered choice.

Balance is not universal structure...

it is your prioritization of subject matter.

Meet the Creator  of Choose To Pursue

Hello, my name is Ashley, founder and creator of this little nook, currently in Northeast Ohio.

I began her life born to a mom and a dad, like anyone else.

My parents are no saints and neither am I.

I was a product of their created circumstances while growing up.

Now, I am of course creating my own.

I am a M.E.! Jack of all trades, mastering something eventually.

You can often find me quoting, "That was a great idea until it wasn't" and "Who Cares?"

Most of life's mottos rarely need depth to be the most effective.


My passions can be summed up and confirmed by those closest as,

We should all feel confident in what we've learned

and keep pursuing more, no matter the amount of effort required.

My experiences with all of my heroes, as

much as my "villains", have bolstered my bravery and

empowered my ability to embrace my failures to keep evolving,

just as yours can for you.

Finding peace within our regrets can be our greatest achievement.

Curiosities always pull us through our toughest resistances.

Gratitude has and will continue to shower peace through most difficult chapters.

No journey is the same, nor should we pretend it can be exactly the same.

There is nothing we can't learn from having curiosity and compassion for one another.

An embodiment of balance while kicking *** is achievable for everyone.


How do beacon these concepts? Start your own business, of course!!

I am not sure how made for business I am in this moment.

Honestly I am overwhelmed by every possible ounce of imposter syndrome but

I am pursuing my first step which is establishing a community of like minded leaders that

would also like to bolster this in our community. Combining resources seems like

an daunting request but if I don't speak it into existence then how on earth can

I figure out what these ideas could become?

The concept of Choose To Pursue, thus far, is to build on terms and principles

influenced by exceptional coaches and mentors. Our mission is foundationally

helping others get to their next level, whatever THEY CHOOSE.

Our belief is that NO ONE should feel stuck at

their current state of mind, body and soul.

If they do feel stuck... they need someone to help pull them

out of what can feel like forever drowning mud.

Everyone deserves a space to explore who they are

and achieve more than they could previously conceive.

There is NO SCARCITY of resources to help us be the person

we've always desired, even our most secret desires.

The past is important but does not define our future.

Our future is ours to direct. We won't have all the answers but we

know one who does, IT'S ALL OF US. We have the power to choose.

"You take the blue pill...the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

You take the red stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."

-Morpheus, The Matrix 1999

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