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Curiosity DID Kill The Cat

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Little Did I Know…Curiosity Did Kill The Cat

To start this conversation, in case you can't clicky clicky on my video above, I have to tell you how our Bodies have the ability to rejuvenate, recover, and heal from ANYTHING short of taking our fragile last breath.

This ability has it's scientific term, Neuroplasticity, defined as the nervous system's ability to change its activity in response to intrinsic or extrinsic stimuli by reorganizing its structure, functions, or connections after injuries. Yes I googled that but I have learned from motherhood that I will never be a prophet in my own land so I will proudly be a tool that points you in the right direction to good resourcesto back up my insights.

Now for my spin...Neuroplasticity seems to always derive from curiosity.

Ever heard "Curiosity killed the cat?” Yeah me too. We typically hear it from parents, grandparents, teachers, and well whoever else that comes to your mind. Typically when this phrase is used, it comes from those that likely had there own motivation to live life to the fullest stunted by their own decisions that they are ignoring. Let me exploit their chosen words to remind you that YOU are not them, so do not hide behind their ill fated advice. Not everyone can get past their fear of curiosity and fear also consumes the best of us until we choose to move forward. I am no stranger to this kind of advice given unsolicited or requested out of my own naivety. Some advice can be great coaching or it can be conversation that stifles all of your strength in curiosity. I was told once by a coworker using bible terminology, "Do not over populate your mind because it takes you on a path away from Jesus." I can now thank the heavens for that advice considering after I processed through questioning his authority on that matter, it provided the foundation of reason I am providing your curious clicking today.

Is their such a thing as too much curiosity? Sure maybe depending on how you spin it. It is more about how you USE your curiosity. I am the least interested in pairing the well deserved curiosity with questions of morality and spirituality. Curiosity is just like any birthday gift that we can open and play with or continue to keep closed because someone told us we aren't mature enough to handle. I have to not though, limiting your curiosity never seems to come from a place of faith driven strength. Someone that feels threatened by questions internally externally isn't someone that has experienced the gift of growth, success, and becoming better at anything we are pursuing.

So how does the cat die? Where did this over used phrase come from? Well let's start with what the ACTUAL phrase is.

See... We have to experience the toy on the other side of opening the gift. Why did the cat have to die? What if Eugene is describing it as curiosity killing what we knew as like the old us which brings about revolution or rebirth. If we have no answers defined then how can we stand strong with confidence in who we are? If we never open the gift, how will we know what toy we are missing out on?

What are your thoughts here when you first read the FULL quote?

How do we make curiosity a habit? Step Back - Ask questions - Be open-minded - Explore - Experiment- Embrace uncertainty - Follow your curiosity - Find passions and explore the things that excite you - CHOOSE TO PURSUE (teehee!!!) That seems simple when reading it all but know that on the other side of that you are going to fall, fail, and get back up again.

What if we talk about Dorothy with following the yellow brick road? She had to ask questions along the way to process and find her way back home. (As inspired by my bonus daughter signing up for their Wizard of Oz Spring Play) Dorothy ran into so many scary and reprehensible personalities. If it wasn't for her questions how would she make it back home? If she didnt explore the unknown then where would she be? Well like anything in life when we ignore instead of explore, she would still be at the house in munchkin land with no friends and very little to be strong and confident in. Has the description ignorance is bliss come to mind yet? We'll save that for another week... ;)

Just in case your still questioning the strength of curiosity here's some possible fun simple results:

Curiosity is a powerful driving force that can benefit our brain in many ways.

Increases dopamine production

Boosts learning and memory

Encourages problem-solving

Enhances overall well-being

By encouraging us to explore and learn new things, curiosity can increase our sense of purpose and meaning, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote positive emotions such as joy and wonder.

Surround yourself with encouragement today. Encouraging people, encouraging conversation, encouraging exploration, so that you can pick up and carry on. Your body was designed to push, heal, and be be happy. SO LET'S GOOOOOOO!!!

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