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Pursuing "Stress Less" Balance

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Step #1 - Click See More under video to See More Content

What an awesome Launch to our Monday's! I am feeling so blessed for great conversation and great insight. It just goes to show myself, yet again, nothing in life is achieved from the sidelines. You learn so much more in the field with your clientele showing what they really need live in the moment.

Our slideshow is below along with your first handouts. At the end of your 10 weeks you can be completely equipped with every step to reflect and revisit to continue your growth. This portal will continue to be opened to you if you choose.

Remember this is step 1. This is a practice... NOT gametime! :)

Here are your handouts to help take your first step this first week of an awesome new journey:

Download PDF

Which Step Are you looking forward to most?

  • Step 2 - What's Motivation?

  • Step 3 - Discover Your Purpose

  • Step 4 - Power of Mental Boards

  • Step 5 - What is Self Sabotage?

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