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We are a brand new chapter that can
only keep evolving with your feedback.

We have had so much growth this first year,
with lots of foundations set along with some upsets.
Now that we are fully in the driver seat,
it is time to put our foot back on the gas!
Thank you for trusting us with your firearm training!

Started: 07/08/2021
Current Membership: 118

Record Membership Count: 186
1 Location to 2 Locations
2 GNO's to 5 GNO's/ Month
0 Special Events to Average of 1 Special Events/ Month

Where do you come to us from?
What was your favorite part of AGAG Experiences?
Would you consider coming to future events?
How satisfied are you with your membership?
How relevant is it for your firearm experences/ownership?
How convenient are the times & places?
Where would you like to see the most growth?

Thank you for your feedback!

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